retail success architects

"We create retail success by turning the consumer

into an active shopper and brand ambassador,

and make your retail brand a lovemark."

Retail Office - Retail success architects

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RETAIL is our passion and core business. SUCCESS is what we pursue for our clients:

attract more shoppers, increase sales, reduce investments and control working costs.

We call ourselves ARCHITECTS because we create and implement structured and sales-oriented commercial environments.

Whether you are a brand, retailer, service provider, B2B or B2C … our unique architectural retail approach helps you to connect consumers to your business, and seduces them to become shoppers.

We use a result focused approach:

We focus     We create      We engineer     We implement

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We focus on your brand, your store and your customers before even starting the design phase. Every strong retail concept is based on a strong retail story – a retail promise - not on beautiful forms and colors alone.

It might be easier to make nice designs, but we prefer to realize the right designs.

  • Why should a consumer visit your store?
  • What makes him/her buying your product or service?
  • What reckons your retail brand as unique?
  • How to seduce more passers-by to enter your store?
    What is your retail story?
  • How to develop mechanisms to increase your sales?

Retail Office will take you through 5 steps to find the right answers together:

focus group • brand focus • store focus • consumer focus • retail focus

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We create sceneries with real stopping power, tempting passers-by to enter your store, inspiring them to find the right product or service and enhancing the shopping experience for the shopper to become your brand ambassador.

Using the retail focus as a blueprint, we create a differentiating, visual, architectural and structural retail language.

  • How to create a store front with stopping power?
  • How to create inspiring product presentations?
  • How to stimulate cross- and up-selling with a clear store lay-out?
  • How to bring the right communication at the right moment?
  • What impression do you want to leave in the shopper's mind?

All forging aspects of your store or commercial environment are covered in this phase:

store lay-out • store architecture • store communication • store merchandising

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We engineer everything we create, as a well-developed concept is only fit for implementation when all technical and qualitative requirements are met.

Technical detailing of the designed elements is the main task of this phase: figuring drawings and selecting the right materials, colors, lighting system, etc... allowing for the appropriate selection of suppliers for your project, with a correct price tag and a quality level that matches your brand image.

At the end of this phase all material is bundled in an elementary concept book, composed of the concept blueprint, visualizations, descriptions and dimensions of the different elements of the concept. This bible is your tool for the roll out of your new retail concept.

Engineering your concept includes:

final design • technical development • tendering • concept book

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We implement retail concepts we originally conceived and developed, governed by our project management. But we also complete retailer’s projects that only need project coordination. Consider us as the logical extension of your organization. We will take care of preparation, budgeting, planning and follow-up of the production and installation, all within your company guidelines.

We coordinate external suppliers and contractors, but preserve our independency. We use our network of supplying third parties we can rely on and motivate them for the best price/quality delivery. We are more than flexible to work together with your preferred partners.

You have already a project or facility manager within your operations? Retail Office has a team ready to conceive and draw all necessary plans for your stores. We take care of translating the concept to each specific location, for your associates to concentrate on the implementation.

Our project managers can even assist you with feasibility studies. A technical and financial evaluation of any potential new location before you sign the lease can save you time and money. Exploratory shop plans as check for fit are some of the useful tools, avoiding deplorable decisions.

Feel tempted to meet our project managers, they will tell you more about our offer:

piloting • drawings • roll-out • immo consultancy

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Our services are offered in two formulas: menus or ‘à la carte

Menus are bundled services offering a comprehensive approach to your retail projects, without losing the personal touch. Menus can also be combined to respond to the scope of the tasks.

The ‘à la carte’ services are tailored solutions, giving an answer to a detailed request or a specific environment.

Note also that we are a preferred partner for non-European brands setting foot on the continent. Our team has many years of experience implementing concepts in several European markets and we know the specific regulations a retailer has to comply to.

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Our menus offer recurrent approaches and solutions, developed over the last 10 years and each one with proven results:

New concept development

You have a splendid retail idea, but need to translate it into your store lay-out?

We can help you from strategic thinking to preliminary design, and from technical development to the opening of your first new store.


The look and feel of your store concept is already great, but the turnover isn’t so florid?

We can advise you using our audit method to detect weaknesses and opportunities.

This is not about redesigning your stores, it is all about re-vamping your results.

In-store communication

We have developed a specific working grid to cover all aspects of in-store communication: branding, signage, pricing, teasing, storytelling, …..Our graphical designers will bring added value to your store message, strengthening the retail experience of your customers.


You want to re-control the investments for new outlets? Comparing prices really pays off.

As independent design agency, we achieve competitive price reductions ranging from 25 to 50%, in all transparency. Our combined buying power and sense for the right price/quality balance is and has been beneficially to all of our clients.

Immo Consult

Finding the right outlet location is a difficult and time-consuming matter. Our project managers know what’s available on the market, and they use their expertise to estimate the feasibility and the affordability of the suspect building or shopping center. They offer their advise for your contract negotiations to become effective.

Project Management

Planning, budgeting, site management and opening a store is a mannerism on its own.

Our specialized team proposes the right contractors or collaborate with your current supplier.

Roll Out

Once you have your concept ready and tested, you are looking for a team to realize your store network. The design team will prepare all necessary drawings for implementation and our project managers will secure the opening of your stores within time and budget targets.

Drawing Services

Translating the concept into different outlet shapes and structures demands for creativity and common sense. We are used to identify and respect the key characteristics of retail concepts and to adapt the model even to nearly impossible building lay-outs.

Displays and fixtures

Your valuable products and services deserve the right presentation. We design, develop and realize presentation systems adhering to the business principle of a right balance between visual effectiveness and practical efficiency.


A retail environment – store, officinal or shopping center – is a mix of rational, emotional and operational elements. Our audit methods discover the weaknesses and assist in unveiling the opportunities. An external view and analysis always leads to refreshing thoughts and ideas for your distribution network.

Story telling

You are looking for a speaker to bring a story about retail concepts, or about a specific project approach? We are keen to share our retail expertise with you and your audience. We have already taken active part in many events and congresses.

Retail Safari

You would like your team to stay tuned on the latest retail developments or you want to introduce them to the world of retail store structures? We organize custom made retail safaris to instruct on the retail trends and on successful applications.

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A la carte services are offered when you have a specific challenge to address, or when your retail brand needs a tailor made approach.

Here are some of the ingredients we can offer you:

fixture design • consultancy • brainstorming • store audits • building permits • concept manuals • lighting solutions • routing optimisation • optimisation of materials • consumer analysis • visibility check • cash counter optimisation • in-store communication • sales processes • cross-selling solutions • up-selling solutions • project management assistance • create stopping power • product presentation • technical drawings • production follow-up • prototype evaluation • shop-in-shop design • product & service displays • promotional elements • product protection • anti-theft solutions • project management • graphic design • retail brand identity • store front design • shop window design • POS design • visual merchandising • merchandising manuals • lighting audit • energy audit • pitch assistance • staff coaching • staff training • ...

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Our clients are the best proof of the retail successes we have created.

Retail Office’s reach is not limited to one specific retail sector. On the contrary, our understanding of the consumer’s needs and of the shopper’s behavior are key to bestselling retail concepts in many businesses. Working in various sectors allows us to discover patterns and to develop solutions fertilizing multiple retail formulas.


  • • Veritas
      (Belgium & Luxemburg)
  • • Paprika
  • • Xandres
  • • Hampton Bays
  • • JBC
      (Belgium & Luxemburg)
  • • Banana Moon
  • • Tiffanys
  • • Schiesser
  • • Pandora
  • • CKS-CNB
  • • G-Star
  • • D4L
  • • e5 mode
  • • Edouard Couture
  • • RG512 (Vegotex)
  • • s.Oliver


  • • AS Adventure
      (Belgium & France)
  • • Bever Zwerfsport
      (The Netherlands)
  • • Expo
  • • Ava
  • • Aveve City
  • • Aveve Plus
  • • Sportijn Fitness
  • • Fundoo
  • • Van Gastel


  • • O’Cool
  • • Pastridor
  • • Bonne Journée
  • • Knopes Café
  • • Oxfam

Home improvement & DIY

  • • Akzo Nobel (Trimetal)
  • • Van Marcke
  • • Saniland
  • • Livarti (Harol)
  • • Lambrechts
  • • Ergosleep
  • • Colora (The Netherlands)
  • • Zelfbouwmarkt
  • • Fontaine-Beauvois
  • • Overstock
  • • Noki
  • • Texas
  • • Tintto

Healthcare & beauty

  • • De Lindenboom Pharmacies
  • • iU (previously Equiform)
    • Pro Duo
  • • Yves Rocher
      (Belgium, Luxemburg & The   Netherlands)
  • • Flandria (Poland)
  • • Thuiszorgwinkel
  • • Essenza

Shoes & leather

  • • Bent
  • • Avance
  • • Torfs
  • • Crinkles


  • • Dreamland
  • • Dreambaby
  • • Kidslab
  • • Max & Ine
  • • Prémaman
       (Belgium & Dubai)
  • • Noukie's

Service providers

  • • Lukoil
  • • Telenet
  • • The Phone House

Development & shopping centre projects

  • • Atrium
  • • Depatri
  • • Retail Estates
  • • Intervest Retail
  • • SCMS
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About us

Retail Office, founded in 2003 by a group of retail dedicated adepts with over 20 years of experience, has become one of Belgium’s leading agencies, proven by numerous retail successes.

Our team

Co-founding Managing partner
Co-founding Managing partner
Strategic & Creative director
Retail designer - Project manager
Retail designer - Project manager
Retail designer - Project manager
Retail designer
Retail designer
Project manager
Retail Designer
Retail Designer
Graphic Designer


Preferred partners

Senior Visual retailer
Visual retailer
Senior Retail designer – Product developer
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